Friday, June 10, 2005


Things are well: my ticket to D.C. has been arranged, my pack-out date is set, and some very kind people from a past Foreign Service class have been sending me steady "Don't Panic" information via my new email address. No travel orders as of yet, but apparently my letter of hire will serve the same purpose in the interim. Actually, I find that -- with everything 'settled' -- I have very little to do. How pleasant.

Yesterday someone from the moving company came to survey my things. According to the piece of paper he handed me to sign, I officially own 1,940 pounds of belongings. By my figurings, this weight is mostly made up of books and art. In fact, getting everything together reminded me that all I own are books, a queen bed, and tons and tons of framed art. I may not have any dishes, but I'm very cultured. (Okay, that's a lie -- I have a box of dishes in the closet. But isn't it romantic to imagine living with only books and art?)

Of that 1,940 pounds, up to 250 can be shipped as Unaccompanied Air Baggage (UAB) which will go with me to my new apartment. The rest will go into a storage locker in D.C. I'm having some slight difficulty in winnowing out which books to take with me to the apartment, and which to store. In order to assist in this task, I recently purchased the New York Public Library's "Your Home Library" book cataloging software (I realize I could have made my own database with Excel, but this was only $7 at Borders and came with a cool-looking binder). Entering each title, subject, etc. is far more time-consuming than I had originally anticipated, but also far more rewarding. You tend to forget your books over time; it's nice just to hold them and remember the way they made you feel.

The pack-out is on the 16th. I leave for D.C. on the 24th. Dad bought me and my youngest sister (now home for the summer from college) a trip to the Big Island to fill up the time inbetween those two dates. I hope that doesn't make me spoiled.

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