Friday, August 26, 2005

Area Studies

My current coursework concerns regional studies: specifically, China, Korea, and Japan. Lately we've spent a great deal of time discussing Korea, and particularly North Korea. I feel incredibly disturbed by what I've heard. None of the offered solutions seem likely to solve the problem, but somehow that does not seem to be an adequate defense for lack of action. I fear that, in the future, we will all be held accountable for what's going on there. It makes my heart hurt. It frustrates me.

Tomorrow we're taking a field trip to a museum, in order to view some East Asian artwork. They do a good job of varying the course content, balancing out what are (generally very good) lectures with documentary videos, movies, and the afore-mentioned field trip. I feel that I'm learning quite a bit. This is the most I could ask for out of any training course.

Getting to know better the other FS Officers who will be in the region is another boon. We have a good group. I don't know how much chance there'll be for travel between the various countries, but I hope we'll be able to visit one another.

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