Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Long Weekend

This past weekend, we had the most glorious weather. Everything was crisply lit by the pre-Autumnal sunlight, and the sky glowed a deep blue. I've never been so glad to be in D.C. The end of Summer sings here.

Perhaps it has something to do with the seasonal change, but I've found myself to be more outgoing as of late. A Friday lunch to a Saturday brunch to a Saturday party, but back to my old self as of Sunday and Monday (with a slight lapse in the form of a canoe outing on the Potomac with a Korea-bound FS friend). Going outside, I feel as if I could walk forever. Monday I tried to do just that, starting from Tenlytown Station (site of a metro-accessible bed store, where I gratefully bought a futon) and heading down Wisconsin Avenue to the National Cathedral. It sounds trite, but sitting in the garden watching a blue-winged butterfly lick minerals off the soil, I was taken by a joy in the Creation in a way I haven't been in a long time. My heart was so full, and no one to share it with! It didn't even matter that they'd blocked off access to my favorite chapel; I'd already had my religious experience outside. It was so very beautiful.

After continuing on to Rosslyn, then back up to Georgetown, then a short walk through Dupont Circle, I came back via Rock Creek Park. In Japanese there is the phrase battan neru: to crash to sleep. I didn't even manage to get my shoes off before I fell into bed. Today I'm sore, but luckily language class orientation didn't require a lot of physical strenuousness.

I do want to mention briefly the purpose of the Saturday party. A friend organized it with the goal of raising money for hurricane relief, the idea being that we would just meet at his apartment, and donate the money we would have spent had we gone out. It's nice to have friends who think about things like this. And it was even pleasant to be on the last metro home at 3 in the morning, chatting in an amicable, slightly tipsy fashion with a different friend about the week to come.

Japanese lessons start tomorrow at 7:40am. Wish me luck.