Friday, June 02, 2006

Animal Peaceful. Rabbit.

I spent a better part of the past hour trying to take a good picture of this mug. Yes, like I said; all this newly-imposed alone time is being put towards only the most enriching of tasks...

Sometimes Japan is so cute, it actually makes me a bit ill. Or peaceful. Rabbit.


Josh said...

At any rate, it appears the government has provided you with a quality stove, and you've adorned it most appropriately with a quality tea kettle.

I'm an FSOA-passer, waiting in security clearance (and law school graduation) limbo. I really enjoy your website and all of your fascinating observations on the FS, Japan, and life generally. Keep up the good work. The new-found sense of introspection is serving the rest of us well.

Crawdad said...

I think I have the same tea kettle.

(What a great word, kettle, I wonder where it comes from?)

That reminds me, my brother lost in his 2nd grade spelling bee on the word. He spelled it k-e-t-t-e-l, which makes infinitely more sense, anyway....

Thanks for the post card! I just got it the other day. Pretty darn swell.


Katie said...

That tea kettle is, in every way, amazing. I like that it turns a brighter red as it heats up.

People complain about having to memorize kanji, but it seems to me that English spelling is just as non-sensical. (I wonder if Japanese students have kanji bees? I never thought about it before...)

In Japanese, the word 'kettle' is also slang for butt. Fun facts to know and tell.

Charles, I'm glad that you liked the post card. I think they're more fun than email; the idea that something which I had physically in my presence is now in your presence -- all the way over there! -- appeals to my sense of wonder.

Oh, and good luck to you, Josh! Perhaps we'll meet up someday.