Monday, June 12, 2006


I have no rent. I have no mortgage. I have no car, and no utility bills. I have no debts from credit cards, student loans, or hospital visits. I have no children, no spouse, and no pets. I have very few financial obligations in general. I am not a spendthrift. And our COLA just went up to 70%.

This is how I justify spending $700 on an antique lacquer table over the weekend in Kyoto.

To my credit, the original price was about $1050 -- my friend Catherine talked the storekeeper into bringing it down. It's good to go shopping with the american representative for commerce and trade.


Anonymous said...

So....let's see a photo of this lacquer table!!


Katie said...

I don't think a photograph would do it justice... Maybe it's better to wait and see it in person when you come to visit.

It's being delivered on Sunday evening.