Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cancer for the Cure

The difference between the first and last series of MRIs is rather dramatic: whereas before my brain looked like a snowglobe, now there are no white spots to be seen. So ADEM it is. Not MS. This could never happen to me again. I should be obscenely happy.

I don't know why I'm not obscenely happy.

There are still two lesions on my spinal cord, albeit reduced dramatically in size. I'll be on oral steroids for the next 5 weeks in the hope that they'll go away completely. An MRI six months from now in April should give the final say on things, though my parents are already blithely emailing everyone to let them know that now I'm fine. I think the neurologist comprehends my sense of unease at the nebulous nature of everything, however. With ADEM, about 30% of the cases go on to become MS; this usually happens in a 4 to 8 year window after the first attack. With relapsing-remitting MS (what I was originally diagnosed with), the second attack usually occurs in a 1 to 3 year window... Psychologically, I don't feel one is all that far removed from the other. But at least med won't be able to hold a firm MS diagnosis over my head. And other than this round of oral steroids, I shouldn't have to take any MS meds, which can apparently be quite horrible.

So, hopefully a clear MRI in April, and no relapses during the steroid treatment. And no MS. Just normal me again. Probably.