Wednesday, October 18, 2006


After a brief discussion with the embassy health unit, the decision is made to have me come to Tokyo for tests. It's Wednesday. They want me there Thursday, 10am. Over the phone, the japanese secretary describes what will happen, and in which clinics. "How will this work with my insurance?" I ask her. Suddenly, I'm overwhelmed by stress and have to fight back tears. I can't feel my hands.

There are a lot of logistics involved, and not much time to act. My desk is piled with cases. I'm on tap to adjudicate our 100 some odd afternoon interviews. The appointment calendar needs edited due to an unexpected staffing shortage. I'm in the midst of coordinating an FSN training visit with Tokyo's consular section, and a related travel agent luncheon, both to take place next week. I'm the duty officer, and don't hand off the phone till tomorrow. I told Chris I'd carve a jack-o-lantern with his girls tonight. I'm supposed to go back to my japanese hometown this weekend. I have a Korean lesson, and a DVC with the other mission JO's who went to Seoul. We're already two people down in the section, and leaving will mean Jerome will be all on his own.

I can't feel my hands.

I decide to take an early lunch.