Friday, October 20, 2006

MRI #2

I've got the second MRI scheduled in an hour, this one for my neck. I feel perhaps stupidly calm. I'm sure this is all related to too much computer use at work and home -- neither computer setup is exactly ergonomic. Any other explanation would be too akin to one of those afterschool TV specials, and I just don't see myself as unique enough to warrant something that melodramatic. An OSHA workplace safety feature, played on reel-to-reel... that seems more my speed. I wonder if they'll let me keep the MRI pictures after they're done with them? Maybe I could frame them. Proof of brain presence or somesuch. Or maybe that's gross.

It's tempting to text people from my cell phone, but what would I say? 'Hi, I'm in Tokyo for a series of MRIs, but I'm sure it's nothing. How're things with you?' Instead, I write a friend and ask about bidding results for his onward assignment. That seems more normal. And I am genuinely curious.

Going through the wickets to get on the train this morning, I noticed that in order to insert the ticket to open the gate, I curled my hand around the ticket in the way you see handicapped people do. So I'm already learning coping strategies. It's interesting.