Friday, February 09, 2007

Bidding in Thirty Easy Steps

Round one of the bidding is over, meaning that anyone with greater than 25% differential has received their onward assignments. I was somewhat relieved to find that it left my original bidlist relatively unscathed, with the exception of the Iraq jobs (gone), an Abu Dhabi spot (gone, but I wasn't all that enthused about it anyways), and, sadly, my number one choice: a PD tour in Jerusalem including Arabic training (gone gone gone -- not that I hadn't suspected as much would happen). So now on to round two...

For those of you still in the dark about the whole '2nd tour bidding process', I've created the following instructional diagram:

As you can see, I'm currently working on step (3), subsection (q)(5).

I'm required to submit a final bid list by the 15th of this month; though, as I have yet to hear back from Med, this is still all an exercise in wishful thinking. My big fear is that they'll take so long in telling me where I actually can go (as opposed to merely which jobs are open), that by the time I know what my 'real' bid list looks like all the positions will already have been taken. Which leaves me... DC? A permanent jump to the Civil Service? Well, we'll see. Meanwhile, I guess I'll move the Con-Pol rotation in Amman up to my number one spot. And maybe being Staff Assistant in Iraq would be interesting..? "How about Algiers?" I asked Sara over lunch. "I've always like pirates." She snorted. "How about you shoot yourself in the head?" Okay, so maybe not there.

Ah, but you'll be happy to know that no one in round one opted for the positions in Yemen.


Sharon said...

Wow! You can always get a job making flow charts--bureaucrats love them!

Anne said...

I love how the CDOs and MED look like amoebas. I think you should send this on to Dink so he can use in the the A100 orientations.

I've heard good things about Yemen. Also, as a word of warning, don't think that any of your bids are throw-aways. I put Athens as #1 on my list thinking that there was no way I'd ever get it. Guess where I'm going? Okay, not that I can complain about Athens, but I'm sad about the other 19 places I'm not going.