Saturday, February 24, 2007

Delayed Gratification?

Last night and this morning were again spent in Wakayama, this time to assist with a ship visit. I've just returned after a long train ride, put on the kettle, fed the cat...

We're supposed to know by now. I mull this over while puttering about in the kitchen.

After a bit of waffling, I log on to my email. Nestled in the middle of about 10 new messages, there's one from my CDO entitled 'Congratulations - Your Onward Assignment'. I've been looking at it for a little while now. It looks somehow very cheery, though I'm sure that it's merely a form email. I haven't opened it. The kettle is whistling.

Some part of me enjoys this anticipation. Or at least, I think I'm enjoying it. My heart is beating like mad, which I find sort of ridiculous. It doesn't matter when I open the email, or whether or not I'm happy with the assignment. Either way I'm going there. So there's no reason to be nervous, or even excited, really. It's fun though, like having a crush. You can imagine all the possibilities before the unpleasantries appear.

To Med's credit, in the end they came through and provided me with an explanation. It took searching through chains of emails forwarded to me from the Department by my CDO, but I was finally able to locate a real human being in Med to email. They only want me to go to posts that have access to a neurologist. Naturally I don't feel this restriction is necessary -- since there's no cure, the best a neurologist can do is track progression merely as a matter of interest. I'll just be some specialist's fun case study; a doctor can't exactly help me. But no point in arguing. The nurse in Med sent me a list of posts that met their criteria. Pairing that with the available openings, it left 26 positions. I didn't bother trying to really rank them. I just sent my CDO a list of the six I didn't want to go to, along with the six from my original bidlist that made the cut: positions in Amman, Cairo, New Delhi, and Chennai. Everything else was Spanish-speaking 2 year consular tours. Which I suppose would be fine. It has to be fine, right? I have a friend going to Guadalajara; maybe we'd be near each other.

Deep breaths.

I'm going to make some tea.

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CS said...

No Fair!

I read the Whole Thing, resisted the Strong Temptation to skip to the END and...


(m' dear, this is just no time for TEA! geez...)