Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Opacity, Thy Name is Med

Med has finally gotten back to me. And here's their helpful remarks:

Abu Dhabi not approved

Amman approved

Baghdad not approved

Cairo approved

Capetown approved

Dublin approved

Harare not approved

Islamabad not approved

London approved

New Delhi approved

Sanaa not approved

Skopje not approved

That's quite literally the full extent of what was forwarded to me by my CDO. No explanation or consultation with me. The list doesn't even reflect my final bid submission, since my CDO has yet to forward anything I've sent to her on to Med in a timely fashion. She has been very good, however, at sending me frantic emails about how I need to get things to Med right away. This forward came with instructions to pick at least 10 more bids as soon as possible, since "I’m afraid some of the pre-approved posts will be gone by the time we get to your equity group."

So, just to be clear on what's happening: because I am currently at a zero differential post, they will consider my bids LAST despite the fact that I'm now incredibly restricted on where I can go. I have asked her AGAIN why this is the case, and what will happen if every post I'm allowed to bid on is already taken. I don't expect an answer. I'm so frustrated. I am not taking medication for this condition. I am not expected to have another attack, only a gradual decline. THERE IS NO TREATMENT ANYONE CAN GIVE ME. What does it matter if I'm in Abu Dhabi or if I'm in London? Not that London was even on my final bidlist... Two more years of consular work at an English speaking post is not going to earn me any appreciable skills. I can think of few things less palatable, actually. Or more worthless for my supposed 'career'.

And the worst part is that it's already past midnight here. I won't even be able to deal clearly with this until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am so, so sorry that they are putting you through all this frustration when all you want is good (or any!) information. That really sucks.

Unfortunately it doesn't surprise me based on my experience in this profession thus far, and I am not at my next post yet.

I don't like mean people or mean sprited results. The FS bureaucracy makes too many people mean because the result of an environment where everyone "should" walk on water is a whole lot of mean or disinterested people who don't care about anyone but themselves because it doesn't impact their job or reviews in the long run, or they avoid problems til a tour is over.

Again, I am so sorry. I hope more information starts flowing your way soon.

Anonymous said...

I spent the day watching all my bids get labeled as unavailable. I wonder if that means that I am going to one of them or if that means that I need to submit more bids. I wish I could stay in peru. I think my FPU manager is on crack.

Catherine said...

Cape Town could be great! But it is English-speaking so I don't know if that would make it any improvement over London. But I have a soft spot for Southern Africa (spent JYA in Botswana)---it really is a great place (generally--I'd personally count myself lucky that Zim is off the list these days....)

But yes, regardless of how good or bad your options may be, it sucks that you're having this frustrating red tape stuff to deal with. Hang in there!