Monday, June 04, 2007


"Good Morning, first I'd like to take your fingerprints. Would that be alright?"


"If you'll just put your left index finger on the red light..."

"[. . .]"

"Ma'am, your LEFT index finger..."

"Uh, I... I English, no..."

"You don't speak English?"

[Emphatic head shaking]

"Oh, that's too bad. If only you spoke English, we could talk to each other."

"[. . .]"



"I speak Japanese; I'm speaking to you in Japanese."


"Now, can you put your left index finger on the light? And then your right? Okay, thank you. So, a student visa. What's your major?"


"[. . .]"


Geraldine said...

I hope she got the visa because she obviously NEEDS the education!! 8^)

Anne said...

Fabulous! It's great to know that it wasn't just in Kazakhstan that this happens. It's so funny how the applicants get themselves so worked up that they don't even recognize that we're speaking their language.

Consul-At-Arms said...


MC said...

Fabulous. And so, so true. And so common, I think, to pretty much all consular posts. Frustratingly. Sadly. Maddeningly.

NoZe said...

And I just thought it was because I was speaking Spanish so poorly!

Nan said...

Love it. This is when you realize that 4-inch bullet-resistant glass is really there to protect the applicants from us, not the other way around.

Salman said...

Hilarious. Great stuff.