Friday, October 19, 2007

Green-Eyed Irrationality

The other day I called my sister to update her on my exciting overseas lifestyle. Turned out she had recently been bitten by a blackwidow, and had decided to just 'ride it out'. She had a week long drama to report about the physiological effects of creeping neurotoxins. This was so much more interesting than anything going on in my life, I really couldn't think of an even halfway equivalent response to the question "So what's up with you?" ("Um, they installed our 10 print scanners this week... That's kinda cool.")

On the email side, a friend of mine wrote to report on her bid list. Her big worry? NOT getting to go to Iraq. This struck a weird pang of envy, since Iraq is one of the places I'm no longer allowed to be stationed... I've been told repeatedly how happy this particular exclusion ought to make me. And yet...

Today I took a step back and considered how ridiculous it is that being bit by a blackwidow while living in a warzone is something I'd apparently cherish. I've got a speech in Nagoya tomorrow; maybe I'll be attacked by a bear or something. That'd be awesome.


Kara said...

Ah, give me a crisis anyday! Otherwise I just sit around getting depressed wondering what the meaning of my life is. Bring on the black widdows:o)

Katie said...

I just couldn't believe she had such a good story! The details were amusing enough that I can't share them here... But suffice it to say that interesting things like that don't happen to me.

(No bears at my speech either -- though it did feature a gripping Q&A session!)