Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Osaka Perspective

Last Friday while changing money I chatted with the consular cashier. "Where are you going for the long weekend?" he wanted to know. I told him Catherine and I were planning to travel an hour out of Tokyo to Nikkou to visit shrines, sit in an onsen, and look at the autumn leaves. "It's my first time to go north of Tokyo; you must have been there before, though." "Oh no," he paused while opening the safe. "That's so far away for those of us living in Kansai." Surprised, I mulled this over. "Are you going anywhere this weekend?" I asked him. "Sure," he said, now laying out the cash. "I'm going to Korea."


Anonymous said...

Katie, is this the equivalent to living in NYC and never visiting Philadelphia? Sadly, I myself fall in that category. Despite the proximity, how I have resisted the call of the Mutter Museum, the disturbingly fascinating museum of medical oddities housed in Philly, is a little beyond me. Oh, yeah, and the Liberty Bell.

I have been inspired and impressed by your blog, having read it in one long sitting at the place I call "work." Trust me, it quickly took on more importance than mundane tasks at hand. You have a wonderful writing style and great pacing, and you are, of course, incredibly funny. Thanks.

I'm hoping one day we meet in the world of FS, as I took that Myers Briggs and wouldn't you know, I have the same results as you (whose letters now escape me). All wrenches aside, I hope to start A100 in the spring - and yep, I'm a fellow PD'er. For the record: you helped answer some questions I had about the whole dealio, questions for which I couldn't even find the words.. so many thanks. Seriously.

Please take care of yourself, rock on (you met Shonen Knife?!!) and please, keep us posted..


Katie said...

Glad I could be of some help -- that's the ostensible purpose of this blog, after all! Good luck to you, Melissa; perhaps I'll see you at FSI.

-Kaz said...

Reminds me of my neighbors in Mililani that only visited their family on the North Shore 2 or 3 times a year because it was 'too far'.