Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ah, the Internet

A friend just wrote to let me know that this blog was quoted on an immigration lawyer's website forum. Part of me is highly amused. I can't wait for my next applicant to show up at the window with a box of chocolates and a sympathetic expression, saying "Now, I understand from speaking with my lawyer that this job is sometimes draining, but I hope I can still get my visa by tomorrow. Why, yes, I've already bought tickets despite extensive warnings on your website not to do so before the visa is in my hands... but weren't those warnings just expressions of your inner frustration? I feel your pain."

While it may be hard to believe, my everyday ups and downs don't actually have any bearing on US law, or on the mechanisms of physically producing visas. And that's as it should be.

Just something to keep in mind, no matter whose blog you're reading.


Liam said...

Hi Katie,

Did you have a chance to read the article which quotes your blog? It's likely your friend was referring to a piece which I authored.

Happy holidays -


Katie said...

Yes, I read it. Thank you for not quoting the people who sometimes post comments.

Anonymous said...

he posted it to an email discussion group (along with other blog copy and pastes) that goes out to conoffs and lawyers all over the world too. My CG forwarded staff a copy asking us to be mindful of our blogs if we keep them. I think its kinda rude net behaviour.