Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Three days into my return from Hong Kong, and I'm still hacking. China's oil demand hangs rather (too) palpably in the air; my lungs feel as if I've been sucking on the business end of a hairdryer, and not one of those fancy models with the 'ions' either. I can't imagine what it's like just over the border. Funny that a communist country would display the worst effects of rampant capitalism.

Still, the city itself is fun. I think Vanessa put it best: "It's like one big Chinatown." If Japan and Vietnam had a baby... it would be Hong Kong. The best part? By far, the food. That and, "Vanessa, do you hear that sound?" (cue the muffled click-click-click of tile on tile -- something akin to a nest full of angry bakelite hornets) "That's mah jongg!" I think I was actually a little teary eyed for a bit there. Right up until I tried to sneak a picture of the players. No, they weren't so into that.

In addition to a lot of dim sum, I also ate this:

Blue (non-berry) food might be a first for me.

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Ellen said...

so ... i didn't know you went to china. i'm awesome right?

love to read your posts at work (when i'm on break!!). also i love you, but that's just another story entirely ^_~