Sunday, December 09, 2007

Facebook is a man-eating jungle waiting to suck out your soul

Wow. I had no idea there was an internet application that could take up more time than a blog.

I've spent the past hour tagging unattractive photos of myself from my sister's page, and trying to get the space under the "In a Relationship with..." drop down box to read "no one -- but I just bought David Lynch's 'Wild at Heart' soundtrack, so that's sure to change at any moment." No joy.

If I don't get Christmas cards sent out this year, it'll all be Mark Zuckerburg's fault.


fsowalla said...

"This is mah snakeskin jacket. It's a symbol of my individuality."

Guess what? Shonen Knife is playing here in Portland next week. Should I go and carry a sign saying, "Your visa issuer says hi"?

Wish the National was playing too.

Ellen said...

hahaha you love it!!

Katie said...

Dude, Shonen Knife wouldn't even be in Portland if it weren't for me! I have found new meaning in this job.

Sharon said...

where can i find your facebook. the kids all have pages and they are huge waste of time--at least from this parents perspective.

excited about you coming out here!

Kara said...

Such a babe!

Facebook is nothing compared to the leviathan that is MySpace.

Speaking of which you ought to look at both of mine. There are more than a few surprises to be had on both. That's what happens when I don't talk to you in forever.

Miss you!

and just do a search on Facebook

Katie said...

Kara, I will find you, not to worry. Sharon, I have NO IDEA how to direct you to my facebook! But we'll be seeing each other in the flesh soon enough -- hopefully that will be more rewarding.