Monday, February 18, 2008


At some point -- I think while cowering beneath my office desk curled into the fetal position -- my moving-induced frustration magically gave way to a mellow sense of "all-is-right-with-the-world"-ness. In a flash, I read the alignment of the planets, I felt the pulse of the State Department's heart... I ate a stale senbei I found on the floor, and emerged refreshed and centered. Things would work out. And indeed, they have worked out, because here I am in the San Francisco airport, eating an oversized sandwich, drinking bottled water, and generally reacquainting myself with My Own Kind. Ah, America... I love what you've done with your hair, very mod. And is it just me, or have you lost weight? (No? Right, sorry. But you look fabulous, fabulous.)

Oh, I could use some sleep.


In the end, it was an anti-climactic departure. For my office goodbye party we ordered in curry, and the other officers gave me a commemorative t-shirt they had designed. I liked that it was low-key. Other than occasional heart-stopping glimpses of an overwhelming, unbroken horizon -- the abyss that is Arabic -- I'm feeling appropriately removed from things. Sort of blank. The goal for 2008: a little less drama. And maybe lose 5 pounds.


1am and Law & Order is showing on three different cable channels. Good to know there are still constants in America.


Ellen said...

welcome home!!!!!

i will be making efforts to come see you. will be after march so my boss doesn't start thinking i'm missing more work than i am actually working, but ... how is may/june for ya? >.>

I COULD COME FOR MY BDAY. yes i still have one of those. >:I

ilu. <3

jonmatthew said...

A commemorative t-shirt?! HA! that's really funny to me for some reason. Welcome home - what are you plans before you go to Jordan? (when are you going, btw?)

annesblog said...

I love the idea of a t-shirt. Easy to put in your suitcase. So much better than the big things you usually get on departure.

Welcome back to the weirdness that is the U.S. and FSI.