Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reverse Culture Shock

RCS #1: Drew Carey has replaced Bob Barker as the host of The Price is Right. Drew reports that Bob was "cool with it." I am not so sure that I am "cool with it."

RCS #2: My US cellphone. It only sends a maximum of 160 characters per text message, the camera isn't even 1 megapixel, and THERE'S NO PLACE TO ATTACH A CELLPHONE STRAP. Is this some sort of joke? And people wonder why we're losing the war on drugs.

RCS #3: Tipping. You have a nice dinner, some coffee, maybe a little conversation... and then, boom!, math. Come on America - surely there's a better way.


Anonymous said...

Kind of a dumb time to be asking this, now that you're leaving Japan, but oh well... I'm a long-time reader, occasional commenter, former FSO candidate. My wife's friend has a high-school daughter fascinated with Japanese and they want to do some kind of hosted visit to Japan during the summer. What are the best resources for finding potential host families? Thanks, Josh

Katie said...

I'm afraid that I myself don't know much about host families in Japan, having never done a host stay... However, if you have a local university with an international student office, they are likely aware of good exchange programs. It might be a place to start.

Anonymous said...

This is probably late, but Rotary Youth Excahnge is an amazing program. I went with them to Thailand. ^_^