Monday, July 07, 2008


Today, as with every day for the past four months, the teacher went around the table inquiring as to events of the previous night. Did we have any news to share with the class in Arabic...yet again?

"President Bush went to Japan for a summit. They talked about the food crisis and the environment. I feel dead inside."

"I read an article about propaganda in Arabic language programs. They talked about Al-Kitaab. This place is a prison."

"My children and I played Wii, and then I cooked dinner. My soul is withering."

"Great," she smoothed out a textbook page. "And did you all make sentences for exercise nine?"

Rudimentary Arabic isn't good for conveying underlying meaning.


Geraldine said...

How does one convey underlying meaning in any language? This is a skill which I don't think I've ever developed. Maybe it's because I'm mostly all out there and not much underlying going on anyway....I don't ever think in these terms. What do you think? And am I going to see you this week? Your coat is fixed!! 8^)

Digger said...

I read your comment and almost choked! Been there.

amh2go said...

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