Thursday, August 07, 2008


It's never a good sign when the language of the country to which you're going has a single word for the idea 'teeming with ants'.

I brought up my concern to my Arabic teacher. "Ah, yes," he said. "We also have a word for 'teeming with bees'."

This did not have the comforting effect he perhaps intended.


Lee said...

do they have a word for microwavable pork rinds?

Katie said...

I believe the word for that is 'haraam'.

Ellen said...

man, i am -definitely- going to visit you now.


P said...

I think there's also a single word for 'bee sting kit' and 'ant repellant'. I think.

Heather said...

aside from the stray ant wandering on the floor of my bathroom, i haven't noticed "teeming" ants in iraq. but i'll still have nightmares anyway. thanks.

Anonymous said...

You're blog is awesome. I'm an unsatisfied attorney, and am seriously considering the FS and somehow came across your blog. I love your writing style, and your blog is very informative. Although, I admit, I'm not sure if after reading all your entries, that I'm more or less interested in improving America's image abroad. lol. Keep up the good work.


ps- good luck with your health

Katie said...

Oh, you can't put too much stock in my blog. Extremely content / happy moments are rarely interesting enough to document, but they do happen.

Today, for example: I cooked a really nice piece of chicken for dinner. Usually I overdo it, but this one turned out just right. Also, grapes were on sale. Nothing like a good grape.