Monday, March 30, 2009

The God of Small (Freshly Laundered) Things

Picking up my drycleaning from the corner store after work, I was all business as I flipped through my bag to find my ticket. "I think you have some pants for me," I said to the man in Arabic. Pausing a moment to look up from his ledger, he half-closed his eyes and placidly folded one hand over the other: "Insha'allah." The clearly tongue-in-cheek, vaguely Berkeley-esque notion that God's concentrated will would be required to guarantee the presence of my work trousers led to a somewhat irreligious snort of amusement on my part. "Yes," I nodded, handing him the ticket. "Indeed. Insha'allah."


Teresa said...

So, were your pants in good order?

Katie said...

Apparently, God willed them to be so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog - a colleage of mine in the foreign service recommended it to me a while back, and since then, I've moved to Amman too, so I find myself laughing (and crying) with many of your most recent posts!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful posts on your experiences. I appreciate your point of view and sharing your candid thoughts.

Cheers to the FS!