Monday, March 02, 2009

Set Your House in Order. Or Not.

The little moments of self-reflection moving provides are sometimes a godsend, sometimes devastating. It occurred to me that I've been galloping through the last month in order to avoid them. Sitting in a friend's apartment alone and with no plans for the first time in weeks, I'm somewhat hesitant to start rummaging through the laundry basket of my own reactions. Some excitement, some regret, some fear... a lot of curiosity. Realizing I'm getting a bit wobbly, I shove all the wash back in to its proverbial container. There will be time to run a proper load when I get to Amman; for now, I think I'd rather let the laundry pile up while I read a book.


The day of my flight, and snow is whipping about outside like corn in a popper. 'Will I be stuck in JFK?' is strangely less pressing to me than 'How many layers should I put on before I run outdoors to frolic?' Am I ready for all this? I don't know. But I'm sure ready for one last snow angel. Too bad that winter hat Mom made me is already winging its way to Jordan!


Anonymous said...

Hey Katie, I am taking the FSOT in six days. I was supposed to study tonight, but I started reading your blog from the beginning four hours ago and here I am at the end and it's too late to study. I'm not really in to reading blogs, but you've got a great story going on here. I look forward to your future posts!

Katie said...

Good luck with the test! I'll be posting more as time (and internet access) permits.