Tuesday, September 29, 2009

معجزة العيد

It rained on the morning of Eid al-Fitr. I had padded out through the kitchen early, opening the balcony door to wait for the call to prayer -- it's supposed to be especially long* and beautiful on the morning of this Eid, to mark the end of Ramadan. I didn't recognize the sound at first, mixed in with the "Allaaaaaaaaaaahu AK-bar!"s churning out of the mosques and running over the buildings. The cloud burst lasted only just long enough for me to register: water! Then a single flash of lightning and the drops died away. The few cars moving along the street below were giving off a tires on wet pavement noise that reminded me of Florida.

Later I told Ben what he'd missed: "Rain! It's like an Eid miracle." More miraculous: the thought of having lunch out.

*Ben jokingly refers to it as "the extended dance remix."


Sarah A. Tobin said...

Hey - I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed reading it! I spent the last 2 years completing my dissertation research in Amman with Fulbright (Sept 07 - June 09). If you're interested in connecting with some Jordanians, let me know and I can email/facebook you some friendly faces. Plus, we should talk about the most delicious carrot cake cupcakes at Sugar Daddies. Say hi to Fadi for me when you go ;)

Arzed said...

Greetings from Brunei Darussalam.. Assalaamu'alaikum, have a nice day!