Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thirty-one January Oh-ten

I am beginning to fear my body is developing an allergy to clothing. I suppose this might not be that big an issue in a warm weather climate, but in the middle of winter in a Muslim country, it's less than ideal. Definitely it's causing me to rethink certain cuts of underwear. I'm guessing it's an MS thing.

That's pretty much what I've been occupied with at work lately: how far up one's back you can scratch before it becomes indecent. That and mid-level bidding and my POL rotation and my EER and the training plan for my successor and finishing up projects in Consular before I go. Any bit of that list that doesn't fit in my head ends up as a prickly knot just below my sternum, slightly to the right... It's strange, because I feel fairly on top of things. So on top of things, actually, that I don't really see a need to be stressed. The stomach prickliness was a surprise. Thanks, corporeal self! You just give and give.

There's a particular job I want to be on tomorrow's bidlist, but I don't want to get overly focused on it. If last year's motto was "No More Drama," maybe this year's can be "Just Roll With It."

And maybe a new laundry detergent would stop the itching.

Monday, January 18, 2010

You may be an undigested bit of hummus, a blot of lebneh, a crumb of jamid, a fragment of underdone falafel.

While doing a notarial for the RSO, he commented on all of my fancy stamps. "Yes, they're by far the most fun part of this job," I assured him, proceeding to add a few more consular seals to his document via some showy wrist action -- the ACS equivalent of the bar scene in Cocktail. Consular work is all about knowing your audience.

There was a moment -- only a moment! -- where I felt a slight twinge of... something. Regret? The POL section certainly wasn't going to have any fun presses or stickers; they probably wouldn't even give me a name stamp. Would I be sorrowful moving on from what I've come to think of as my scrapbooking tour? I handed the RSO back his elaborately inked and crimped paper and considered this for a bit.

Hmm, no -- I'm pretty sure I'll be fine.