Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Palm Frond has Quite the Incentive Package

The path to القُدس is not a straight one; the closest thing I've got to a John the Baptist is my CDO, and I'm not sure that she's into locusts and camel hair. So what to do?

Enter Pakistan.

Pakistan has been on my list for a while -- I think since hearing an NPR special on Karachi a couple of years back -- though (true statement) I never intended it as a stepping stone to anywhere specific. I actually bid on it months before looking for a job across the river ever occurred to me. Identity issues, nationalism... Sometimes a place just catches your fancy. Helpful also in being a place I can go. At least theoretically. My handshake lets me 'link' and plan, but ultimately means nothing without an accompanying thumbs up from MED. A panel opportunity has already come and gone once. I'm told there will be others.

Castles built on a promised letter from a neurologist I've spoken with for all of twenty total minutes, to be read by people who've never met me. This is science.