Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round up

Some highlights from the past few months:

- 'control officer' is a highly misleading term. You've got about as much control over what's happening during a high level visit as a bullrider does over the beast roiling beneath him. A better term might be 'responsible when things go wrong officer'.

- the full power of a security state becomes clear when ten police officers from three different departments all converge on your building in response to an attempted breakin across the hall. The investigative intent behind some of the security state's questions remains perhaps less clear. ("So, your apartment is in your husband's name?" "No, I live alone." "So, where is your husband?" "I'm not married." "So, your husband: is he coming back soon?")

- a lot can be removed from a car without preventing its basic operation. A whole lot.

- In Morrocco, they have Jews and Muslims, but no Christians. In Jordan, they have Christians and Muslims, but no Jews. Discuss.

- The more you're told 'Don't worry about it', the greater cause there is for alarm.

- Knowing that you'll be 36 at job's end if you sign up for one post versus being 37 at job's end if you sign up for a different post makes the first post INFINITELY more attractive.