Friday, April 15, 2011

Wonders Never Cease

I was just thinking how pleasant, yet largely unremarkable, homeleave was -- a purposeful cocoon of ordinariness (I was telling myself) to remind you why you left it to go work overseas in the first place -- when a helicopter landed in our front yard. A person stepped out from the open side, picked an object up off the ground, then casually reentered the helicopter just as it lifted off. I suppose they dropped something.

It was sort of weird.

The truth is, I don't really know what 'real life' is supposed to feel like anymore. Did you know that McDonald's serves fancy coffee now? Dad bought me a caramel mocha there last night and I was too stunned to even ask if they could supersize it.


Peevish said...


SassAndSweet said...

Ditto: "Like"... and a good giggle.

Katy said...


You blog was recommended to me by Heather (Adventures Around the World). She mentioned that you would be an excellent person to speak with since I am a single female interedted in joining the Foreign Service. I hope you are open to talking via e-mail, I would greatly appreciate it!


Katie said...

Hi Katy,

Certainly. Feel free to get my email from Heather.