Monday, May 30, 2011

Shot Card

Accepted: Polio Booster, Typhoid Pills, Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination
Declined: Rabies Prevention Series

I hope that doesn't come back to bite me.


Consul-At-Arms said...

I got the rabies vaccination, but never received the tag for my collar.

Anonymous said...

Groan! Such a punny person....further proof you ARE your father's daughter!!

Lee said...

I am glad the kids got rabies, ciara got bit by rabid dog (lots of nasty street dogs here) and it saved her a ton of extra painful shots. We have a lot of bats here too, so it was a good call.

I got bit by a rabid dog when I was a kid and had to go through the full series - shots into my bones and stomach. the vaccine these days is pretty tame I think.

whoa, kid you not, my word verification below is rabies. Spooky

Katie said...

As things stand now, I'm not allowed to walk outside. So I figure, if I'm by myself wandering around in an area with wild dogs, I've got much bigger problems to worry about than rabies. But you're right: what's one more shot? I'll ask about it.

My word verification is 'sciednes'. Man, it's like blogger is watching us!

Dan Hess said...

Ooh, oral typhoid. That one was FUN. [/sarcasm]