Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Contemplation Days

My office sponsor wants to know if I have any questions.

As a matter of fact, I do:

Are we going to enjoy working together?

How do you know what you're doing is making a difference?

Would you take the assignment again, given the chance?

What do you do when it's all just a little bit too much?

What mistakes am I going to make?

How will I know if I need to curtail?

How will I tell you if you need to curtail?

Would you mind picking up some coffee and milk for me?

I hope he doesn't buy me Nescafe.


fsowannabe said...

Did you get any interesting answers? And more importantly, what coffee did you get?

Anonymous said...

some of the questions are a little late to ask now katie

Cyndi said...

I found your blog today while surfing through a handful of other foreign service blogs, and I'm so wonderfully happy that I did.

You're an incredible writer, and I'm so enjoying reading your story. I just took the written exam about three weeks ago and am waiting for my results. I was also a JET - I just came back from Japan last July. I started reading your blog from the beginning, and if I was already excited and overeager about the possibility of an FS career, your stories and explanations have only increased it about, oh, 10fold.

As an additional note, I'm still way back in 2005 in your story, but the posts you write about feeling young and having visceral responses at remembering your friendships in Japan fill me with that exact same emotional response. It feels good to relate, even if it's virtually :)

Thanks for sharing your story - I'm looking forward to continuing reading!

Katie said...

Hi Cyndi -- good luck with everything! My blog sort of waxes and wanes; I'm hopeful I'll have quality things to contribute toward it this tour.

As for the coffee, it turned out to be instant -- but the bottle assures me it's "Made from Selected [sic] Coffee Beans."

Cyndi said...

Thanks! I passed the written without a problem... I can only hope qualifying panel goes as smoothly.

I understand the blog waxing and waning - it did for mine, as well, in Japan and, well, every other that I've started. I'm sure your stories will be great and insightful from this tour as well. I look forward to reading them!