Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bad Sign

"Where in America are you from?"

"I'm not from any one place; we move around a lot because my dad is in the Navy."

"Oh? Is he a SEAL?"

"No, he's a Taurus."


Anonymous said...

Your dad is a Ford?

Ellen said...

Hahaha oh Katie, I love you.

Gdine said...

Oh, my! I dare say they may know more about Seals than many of us here at home!


Apprentice Mechanics said...

Good One


Sharlina said...

Can't believe in the slew of FSO blogs out there I found yours Katie! It was great to meet you at training back at FSI, I'll be sure to keep track of your updates. Totally loving the commentary and appreciate you standing up for us "fluffy" PD ppl :) Pakistan needs some of that fluff!

Katie said...

Hey Sharlina -- Ramadan Kareem, and I hope London is treating you well! Pakistan is a pretty good time so far. We'll see what sort of [RSO-sanctioned, non-'international incident' causing] trouble I can get into. I'm hopeful.