Saturday, August 06, 2011

Diplomats in Pajamas

The national dress of Pakistan is known as the shalwar qamiz. That's Urdu for 'a well-spangled shapeless sack over elastic waist cotton pants'. It's brilliant: flattering for all body types, appropriate for the weather, and lullingly comfortable in exactly the way that a suit is not. It goes well with the national dish, which is dark, unidentifiable meat mixed with dark, unidentifiable oil and served with a heaping of carbs; the elastic waistband can easily incorporate the cholesterol-induced swelling of your arteries.* Added bonus: if you need to wipe your food-greasy hands on your thighs, the long top is going to cover it right up.

I don't know what the diplomatic rules are about wearing your host country's national dress, but I also find that I don't particularly care what the rules are when presented with the alluring option of going to work clad in what are essentially pajamas. I bought two to start with -- paid for in cash. I didn't want to risk the embarrassment of having the store refuse my credit card now that America's S&P rating has slipped a notch.

*Or your 'New Butt', as the sweet store near the Consulate is so aptly named.


Umar said...

We Welcome you to try all Pakistani dresses. I am sure you would look beautiful in it.............Go ahead madam

Gdine said...

Oh.....that sounds AWESOME!! Can I get one of those?? Pretty please? 8^)

Katie said...

Sure, send me your measurements. I'll have one made for you.

Teresa said...

I, myself, own 3. I love them, even here stateside.
The ones I wear most often were purchased in Dallas. Go figure.

Brooke said...

They have something similar in Morocco except without the pants. Just flowy flow down to the ground. I too have considered donning a different one every day of the week.

Why did tight jeans become America's national dress instead of flowy cotton?

Katie said...

Tight jeans are part of what drove me out of America. That and love for my country's founding ideals.