Thursday, January 05, 2012

Return to Thermopylae*

My gut and my head seldom work in concert. During the trip back, one was in violent protest about my decision to board the return flight; the other was more circumspect. Whichever way they eventually sync up, here I am. 'Here' is not a bad place -- the country just has some issues. That's how I explained it to the folks at home.

Some of the others seem to be holding their feelings toward the posting more tenderly now, little kernels of attitude and emotion either brittle or fragile, depending. I wonder if my own little kernel of feeling is so visible. I'm glad to be half way through with the tour, but it's complicated. There's so much more I want to do here. Six months isn't enough time.

*Just to be clear, I'm a Greek in this scenario, not a Persian.


Genevieve said...

Funny and intelligent. a rare and wonderful combination. I'll be back for future posts.

Joy from upstairs said...

Gen, you and Katie would get along exceptionally well. I hope you get posted to the same place one of these days. She could borrow a cat and a fern from your loaner program.

Katie, just want to say that I was extremely glad you returned! It is not the same when you're not here.

Katie said...

Ah, thanks, Joy. I was glad to see you, too. And thank you for the compliment, Genevieve.

My parents were trying to push a cat on me when I was home. I resisted.

Anonymous said...

Very Funny and INTELLIGENT!!

I'm totally sympathetic with the move away from foreign service. Here is a suggestion for some great permanent passive income to give you "financial support" to your next destination!
Good Luck!
Dan Davenport MD USA

Katie said...

I don't have any desire to leave the Foreign Service, I just prefer to focus on a different type of FS job than the one I'm currently in. I like the FS (partly because there's a job to fit pretty much every interest).

Though, I didn't click on your link (sorry; it looked spam-y). Maybe if I did I would have a change of heart.