Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do you think SCA knows about eleven monthses?

As a misanthropic introvert who gets bored* traveling alone, I find I'm in kind of a bind when it comes to R&R.  Especially second R&R, which sounds like something Merry and Pippin would take after being assigned to a post in Mordor, but is actually a real thing given to all us troopers in AIP.  The idea is that AIP is SO stressful and there's SO much work to do that you should spend not three but a full SIX weeks out of your tour making your colleagues do all of your duties in addition to their own so that you can have a chance to relax (and therefore will return to post refreshed enough to take on all of their duties while they go on R&R.  Genius.).  Much like The Trilogy, this vicious cycle never does seem to come to an end.

I also find that, somewhere between 'looking forward to one's vacation' and 'longing to flee one's circumstances', there is a point where you start having horrible, tension-filled dreams of being caught in the midst of clandestine departure and then chastised by your pregnant colleague for "trying to leave her alone." That's the point I happen to have reached. The colleague in question, meanwhile, is all but pushing me out the door. Honestly, it's not like I ever do anything for her in the office but eat the snacks she leaves out in her candy dish. I'll bring her back something nice from Laos.

*My sister says that boredom is a combination of a misplaced sense of entitlement and lack of imagination, but I can't figure out what she's talking about and plus she owes me a dollar.


Geraldine Kiser said...

ALL your sisters have claimed supreme boredom at some point in time! Can they owe me a dollar too?!

And I KNOW you have worked maximally for everyone there so enjoy the R&R that you more than deserve. 8^)

Joanie said...

have a great trip, Katie!! And continue to eat the candy - think how bummed she would be if it just sat there (like it does in my boss' office)...