Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why not then? Moose.

I still remember one of my friends telling me before leaving Post, "I don't know if I like it here, or if I just tell myself I like it here." I'm not convinced that those two things are ever any different, if we're honest with ourselves.

Earlier this week, one of the evaluators for my annual performance report told me that my self-assessment of accomplishments sounded 'joyless'. Not considering myself a particularly mirth-y person in the best of circumstances, I wasn't really sure how to respond. This is work, right? Shouldn't we be striving more for 'responsibly productive' than 'blithely chipper'? Sometimes you're just gritting your teeth and enjoying the poetry -- but that's not a moral failing. That's just life. At any rate...

That same day, the staff told me that they've already started planning my good-bye party. "Uh, you guys know I'm not leaving for two months, right?" "Oh, sure, but officers always get busy in the last month. We'd thought we'd do it early." I am taking this plan totally at face value. Here's hoping for a trip to Food Street or the local bowling alley. Either one of of those would make me pretty happy.

I'd be up for a return trip to Shalimar Gardens, too.

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Geraldine Kiser said...

Here's hoping things calm down there in my life time while I'm still able to travel! Shalimar Gardens looks pretty appealing to me too!! 8^)