Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Afternoon, Class 2.0

"We're so excited to take our history course outside of Lahore!  What really makes or breaks these courses is active student engagement and thoughtful questions.  So, let's open up the floor now:  after hearing today's history lectures, is there anything you'd like to ask us?"

"Yes, loads."

"Great!  Go ahead."

"You were evil to go into Afghanistan and Iraq."

"Uh... that's not a question.  Do you have a question about U.S. history?"

"Oh, sorry -- I meant, 'Doesn't U.S. history point to the fact that you were evil to go into Afghanistan and Iraq?"

"Well, no -- it doesn't point to that.  What are your other questions?"

"They're pretty much all variations on that theme.  Hey, could I have a picture with your hair?  It looks just like Barbie's."

"Okay, thanks so much for your interest in our course!  Don't forget to pick up your free booklets on the way out."


Geraldine Kiser said...

I suppose we are the same way about other countries.

Awais Aftab said...

It's like banging one's head against the wall!

Katie said...

Yes to both your comments.

It was a good time, though. My favorite question by far: "You talked about America's history of slavery; doesn't the presence of U.S. bases in foreign countries constitute a 'New Slavery'?" That was from a professor, of course. I wasn't sure how to politely say, "Only if you're comfortable making up your own definition of slavery." (Apparently, he was comfortable with it.)