Wednesday, June 27, 2012

خُدا حافِظ

"Katie, it's your last day, so we got you a gift!"

"Oh, you shouldn't have."

"No, we really wanted to!  You have such nice hair."

"No guys really -- you shouldn't have.  I mean, I've already packed out, and my suitcase is overweight.  Still, it's sweet of you; I'm sure I'll manage.  What is it?"

"A traditional Pakistani goodbye gift:  a step ladder."

"Sorry, did you just say 'step ladder'?"

"Yes, traditional for Punjab.  We give them to all the officers.  We made sure to get you the biggest one possible; you've been so kind."

"I, uh... wow.  I mean, I had no idea that something so bulky, er, I mean beautiful, was your traditional parting gift.  That's very thoughtful of you.  Maybe I can check it."

"Oh no, you have to hand carry it to your destination!  That's part of the tradition.  Otherwise, India wins."

"What's the other package?"

"Ah, we wanted to pair it with a traditional western departure gift, too.  Go ahead, open it!"

"Sure, but you know, I think the ladder is more than...  wait, is this a bowling ball?"

"Yes, don't you like it?  We looked everywhere for one!  The other officers said it was just what you'd want on your last day."

"Wow, guys; I don't know what to say."

"Shhh -- no words.  The look on your face says it all."

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Geraldine Kiser said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....I can just see the look on your face!! Maybe close to the one dad had when the Canadians handed him a quart of maple syrup!

Can hardly wait!!!! Warning....Karyn is in a particularly emotional state. I'm hoping you take care of that before Saturday afternoon!! 8^)
Mwah and mwah!!!!