Saturday, June 02, 2012

Things I've Learned from PD Work

1.  Embrace jazz.  It is your destiny.

2.  Beware hip hop.

3.  'Presence' is more effective than 'presents' (but dang if 'presents' isn't a whole lot easier).

4.  If it seems that no matter what you do, it will be wrong, then do the wrong thing that is the least amount of work.

5.  The logic of rule #4 does not apply to procurement requests or grant forms.  No known logic applies to procurement requests or grant forms.

6.  Are you the Secretary of State?  The Ambassador?  No?  Then quit worrying about not looking totally polished on camera.  No one in your host country is paying attention to you.

7.  Oh, wait, was the camera footage uploaded to youtube and viewed by colleagues back in DC?  Yeah, your career is over.

8.  ([# of programs ÷ # of FSNs ÷ # of hours in the day] + Mission support) x USG interest, raised to the power of level of funding = you are screwed (give or take a brass band)

9.  When in doubt, road trip.


Digger said...

OMG! ALL so true!!

Duffy said...

True! I was only an acting PAO for 4 months and still organized a jazz concert.

Katie said...

I swore I would never do jazz -- it's the butt of too many PD jokes. Then I got handed a jazz group for my first music program. Five different genres later, I long for the jazz group to return. Any program whose tech rider is a single line ("drum kit") is welcome to Lahore at any time.