Monday, October 29, 2012

Paper, Red in Tooth and Claw

It is a great truism of good bureaucratic procedure that no one person should ever be indispensable; it is also a great truism of good bureaucratic jockeying that if anyone is indispensable, it had better be you.  Nothing perks up the soulless office worker like a late night phone call or request to come in during a hurricane.  Yes, faceless cog-in-the-wheel:  your contributions are special and valued.  Verily, this paper could not be pushed without your direct intervention.  You alone are singled out... for greatness.

I would love to tell you that I'm above this particular office pettiness, but that would be a gross lie.  An annotated meeting agenda due the day after the administrative closure has us turning on each other like sharks in utero, and it is only just after I hurry to point out how close I live to State (less than 20 minutes by foot!  really, I could be there at any time!) that I realize how pathetic these 'me me me' email offers of assistance are.  If any of us were actually needed, they'd be calling directly.  Take your extraordinary insights and your sacrifices back to your cubicles, boys and girls; they are cluttering up the altar.

Besides, the rain is still coming down vertically -- let's wait till we get some real gale force winds so we can truly prove our loyalty to the cause.  If only it were snowing!


JBL said...

gosh, KT - are you getting ready to bid sometime soon and head out again?? hope you are doing ok. Joanie

Katie said...

Oh, I'm well, no worries -- just surprised at myself sometimes! I like my officemates, but our collective foibles make me laugh. An office is an anthropologically curious place. It really brings out the best and worst in people.