Saturday, December 08, 2012

Collective Wisdom

If you're clearing a document at Post, the process is a (fairly) straight-forward one. I've captured the gist of it in this flowcart:
Time allotted: roughly two days.

If you're clearing a document at Main State, the process is a little more complicated:
Time allotted: roughly two hours.

Accepting your place in this clearance chain will bring you, Zen-like, to a nirvana-esque plane of being.


Geraldine Kiser said...

How long before your chart cleared??

Admit it. You had real fun making your charts! 8^)

Katie said...

You know me too well.

The charts are completely uncleared, and so more than likely riddled with mistakes.

Sharon said...

Watch out for the Dragons! Do you use Visio for your org charts? If not, I think you would really enjoy it. We really want to see you before you leave the country again. Keep us in mind over the holidays if you want a place to celebrate.