Saturday, June 08, 2013

National Donut Day

This week I left the office reflecting happily on how I'd managed to prune my inbox.  'Only 182 unread emails', I'd thought.  Yes, only over 150 potential tasks to go.  And that was just the unclass side.*

I used to think that work flow like this didn't leave a lot of good choices -- that essentially I could decide between being a bad employee, a bad colleague, a bad friend, a bad daughter, a bad sibling, a bad renter, or a bad date, and so, aiming for balance, I should just settle on being a bad person.  That seemed fair to all involved.  I'm more sanguine now.

For example, feeling overrun today didn't stop me from leaving the office to get a free donut. That's a choice I felt pretty good about.

*I know that at least some of you reading this are smugly thinking, 'Whatever, _I_ had over 300 unread emails when I left work today'.  Well, I say, good for you.