Friday, July 26, 2013





"I'm calling about  that same issue.  Any word?"

"Ah, nothing yet, but there's a meeting this afternoon that should provide some clarity.  As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know."

"That's the same thing you told me yesterday."

"Not so.  Yesterday I said there was a meeting that might provide some clarity.  I'm sure you can appreciate the distinction."

"So... you feel more certain about today's meeting providing clarity than you did about yesterday's meeting doing so?"

"I don't think I am prepared to take a position on that.  I refer you back to my earlier 'might and/or should' statements."

"When might and/or should I expect a more satisfying end to these conversations?"

"Best guess?  Call me back in a couple of weeks.  There are lots of meetings planned between now and then, but I only have so many verbs left to convey the likelihood of actual outcomes."


Claire said...

Hey--I'm an almost-FSO (joining the September A-100 class), and I just wanted to let you know how fantastic and comforting I have found your blog to be. If you ever need someone to pay for a drink for you, I'm in DC for the next few months at least and would be honored to cover your tab.

Katie said...

Claire, congratulations on becoming an FSO. I'm so glad you found the blog useful, and I'd be honored to meet you in September -- look me up when you get here.