Thursday, August 29, 2013


For weeks, every single email we've received has been 'URGENT', 'FLASH', or 'IMMEDIATE'.  Sometimes a combination of all three.  We've been in such a state of heightened alert -- heightened frenzy -- for so long, to suddenly have a slow week is disconcerting.  Like a windsock, we're collapsing without the constant outside force to keep us taut.  Suddenly, you notice your own lassitude.

Normally I'd feel guilty.  Mostly I find I'm feeling giddy.  This must be how ER doctors react seeing a crash on TV and having to wait just a bit too long for the bodies to roll in.  You know you shouldn't let your guard down too fully.  Right?  What if the ambulance pulls up just as you're sitting down to dinner?  But, oh man, the hospital cafeteria is serving pot roast, and I sure don't hear any sirens.

One or two slow days go by.  Then another.  Then suddenly you realize you've unclenched your fists and settled back into your chair.  Today, I had an hour-long meeting with another office just to 'talk over the current situation'.  I met a friend for coffee.  I came back and not a single thing was on fire.  It's crazytown.  Ramping up again is going to be very painful.

 Update, August 30:  Well, that was shortlived.