Sunday, November 09, 2014


"Hey, check it out -- a rainbow."

"Oh, yeah; nice.  How do you say 'rainbow' in Arabic?"

"I don't know.  It's never come up."

"Hey, check it out -- is that some 'sectarian violence'?  Or maybe a 'car bomb'?"

"Now you're talking."


Geraldine Kiser said...

I cannot imagine never discussing a rainbow! Selfishly, I want you to learn the phrases for spinning wheel and wool fiber! And maybe knitting and basketry. You see where this is going. 8^)

Katie said...

Mom, not to worry -- I'm shaky on knitting, but I've got you covered on all the rest.

Anonymous said...

I just finished your blog (unconventionally by reading backwards in time). I soaked up the imagery, reflected on the thought-provoking pieces and reveled in the knowledge that you and your colleagues (at least the ones we 'meet' through their comments on your entries) represent the US. :) Thanks.

Katie said...

Thank you -- that's very kind of you. I love my job, and I'm lucky to work with capable people who feel the same.